Espoir Murhabazi

I’m glad you are here. Let me introduce myself

I’m a software developer and an Aspiring Machine Learning Engineer, I’m comfortable with python programming language, I use it for both web development with flask and Data Science Stuffs with Pandas Numpy and Sk-learn. I’m a fuse machine fellow for this year, I’m learning Artificial Intelligence via Edx. I also write javascript code, just vanilla javascript with no framework and I hate jquery. I’m one of the FoloopRwanda organizers

What else can I tell you about me?:

Okay, for now, I a ~~cowboy developer, I write code but I haven’t delivered any project may be soon I will deliver one. I like learning new technologies and reading articles and blog post on how to become a better software developer, my biggest dream is to master agile technology and work in a team of software developers where I can apply everything I have learned since the day I become passionate about software development and deliver at least one project.~~

As I need to write another paragraph about me let me say this :

I hate the startup buzz, I haven’t dreamed of creating my own startup because I think if everyone creates a startup and become a startup founder who will write code for them? One of my dreams is to lead a team of software developers.

What else can I tell about me?

I like meetups, especially when I’m among the organizers, in the past week I have hosted the maiden edition of forloopRwanda the largest developer community in Rwanda, I’m proud of what I have done during this meetup, I didn’t speak but I was the unsung heroes of the event my job was to make sure that everything was working perfectly during the meetup and every attendee was comfortable.

Okay. it’s time to conclude:

I worst thing I hate in my life is the fact that I spent 18 years of my life studying in French because now I need to learn everything in English and communicate with people in English. It’s not easy every time I speak English I think that I have a French accent.

Okay; I hate that blogging stuff, I can’t even have a one-page blog post about me. I will be back the next time I will have ideas to write about.